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Inception politics

I have noticed a similar pattern in the emotional content of  progressive entitlement politics and consumerist complaints. In both cases, there is a sense that an institution has failed to fulfill the [citizen|consumer’s] heartfelt wishes. And in both cases, the person fails … Continue reading

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On Gnon and Evolution

Nyan Sandwich wrote a post on Gnon, and Hurlock wrote a response. Looking forward to Nyan Sandwich’s response. In the meantime, my response to Hurlock’s response. First, I want to contest the equation of evolution with advancement of any sort, … Continue reading

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Dunbar’s Fraction: staying upstream of social technology

Edit 2: Some cleanup in progress since Nick B Steves linked here. Much appreciated! And my screenname is just “laofmoonster”, please Dunbar’s number, somewhere between 100 and 300, demarcates the upper bound of meaningful social relationships one can have. It is … Continue reading

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Brahmin quotes from "The Metaphysical Club"

I just finished reading The Metaphysical Club, which traces the intellectual history of the middle third of American history. It begins with Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., who coined the term “Boston Brahmin” in 1860 to describe the New England intellectual elite. A doctor, … Continue reading

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After criticizing the existence of /r/DarkEnlightenment, I convinced myself to start a blog. I still haven’t settled on what topics to focus on. Consider this post a first order approximation. I would be pressed to call myself a neoreactionary in … Continue reading

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